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I just wanted to give a little more background about their use and answer a few common questions. 

Beartooth Mercantile presently offers two different styles of safety deletes available for the Marlin Lever action rifles; the regular safety deletes and safety delete with saddle ring. The regular safety delete simply replaces the factory cross-bolt safety with a piece of steel that resembles the appearance of a screw. The safety delete with saddle ring replaces the factory cross-bolt safety with a saddle ring and stud on the left side of the receiver and appears to look like a screw on the right side. 

While the regular safety delete is relatively easy to install, it also allows the factory hardware to be reused. The factory cross-bolt safety is held in place with a small set screw, spring and detent ball. The factory hardware is sufficient for holding the regular safety delete in placewhen installed correctly. 

Factory hardware shown with regular safety delete and allen wrench

Factory screw, spring and ball shown with allen wrench and regular safety delete

The safety delete with saddle ring offers more uses than the regular safety delete; therefore, requiring more consideration during install. if the shooter enjoys a more western-style, the saddle ring addition does add visual appeal to the rifle. However, the saddle ring is still functional and one needs to consider if the ring will be used in the field or just installed for aesthetics. The saddle ring can be used to secure the rifle into a scabbard or used to attach a single point sling. If it is used in either of these ways, the factory hardware is not adequate for installing the safety delete with saddle ring. To properly secure the safety delete in place, the factory hardware must be replaced with an 8-32 set screw sufficiently long enough to engage the length of threads in the receiver and the divet in the safety delete. The factory hardware will allow the safety delete to rotate in place if the saddle ring is twisted since the system is spring loaded. The spring, factory screw and ball must be replaced with one longer screw to eliminate possible rotation. 

In order to install a longer screw, the hole that the factory hardware is installed must have its threads continued all the way through. This can be done with an 8-32 tap. A person must take care when doing so to prevent cross threading or damaging the factory hole in the receiver. If the owner is not comfortable tapping the receiver, they should take the rifle to a qualified gunsmith. The factory hole in the receiver is in an awkward position and is not easy to access with your basic tap and handle. The hole and threads are also not perpendicular to the surface they penetrate.

If a person does not wish to use a tap on their receiver, an alternative involves using the factory hardware minus the spring. If only the steel ball and factory set screw are used, the screw can be tightened against the ball and create a reasonably secure install. This method will prevent the saddle ring and stud from rotating if it is snagged. The reuse of the factory screw and ball would be adequate for most people and their use of the rifle and it does not require modifying the rifle. If the saddle ring is subjected to heavy use, including the use as a sling attachment point, it would be best to tap the remainder of the hole and use the appropriate set screw.

Location in receiver of factory screw, spring and ball. Must be modified to securely install safety delete with saddle ring

It is ultimately up to the owner of the rifle if they want to modify their receiver to secure the safety delete with saddle ring in place to a degree that allows functional use of the ring. It is possible to install it with the factory hardware if eliminating the cross-bolt safety is the only goal. However, one must consider that it is possible to snag the saddle ring and turn the safety delete enough to prevent the rifle from firing. Rotating the safety delete will put it in a position that prevents the hammer from engaging the firing pin. Due to the fact that the regular safety delete would have to be rotated with a screwdriver after it is installed properly, using factory hardware is not normally an issue. The safety delete with saddle ring can be rotated more easily with factory hardware installed and this is why using a longer set screw instead is recommended.


Blued Safety delete with saddle ring before and after install


Determining whether or not disabling the factory cross-bolt safety is appropriate is the responsibility of the firearm's owner or user. By purchasing this product and installing it you are assuming all responsibility and consequences that may result from altering the factory cross-bolt safety that comes with the firearm. Disabling the factory cross-bolt safety can result in an increased possibility of accidental discharge that could result in injury or worse. Additional caution and special attention should be used when using a firearm with a disabled cross-bolt safety. Always treat a firearm as if it could discharge at any moment to avoid accidents. 

Written by william kunz — September 30, 2012


Dale Schaffner:

Thank you for the information on the differences between the two safety deletes you produce. This information helped me to make the appropriate choice for my needs. Intending to set up my Marlin 1895G .45-70 as a close range dangerous game rifle, I am opting for the standard safety delete given the inherent strength and snag proof design. Thanks again and happy trails,

Dale Schaffner, Hot Springs, Arkansas

February 12 2014 at 09:02 PM

Tim Martindale:

I just ordered the Safety Delete…however, the spring and ball fell out of my rifle when the original safety fell out (in the woods). will the safety delete work? can you send me a new ball and spring?

December 05 2014 at 10:12 AM

Beartooth Mercantile:

You can replace the factory ball, spring and screw with a 1/4 inch long, 8-32 set screw. However, you have to tap the hole all the way through; sometimes this is difficult and it is easy to break the tap.

If you can find another steel ball, or a pin tumbler from a lock, or some other short and sturdy piece of steel you can put it between the safety delete and a set screw. In this case, you would insert the small item into the set screw hole and let it rest against the safety delete. Then you would insert a 3/16" long or 1/8" long 8-32 set screw behind it and tighten against the item.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions we can help with.

December 08 2014 at 09:12 PM

Herbert (Bert) Perdue:

I have just completed installing one of your Saddle Ring safety deletes in my Marlin 1895S , 44 mag.. Looks great and your kit is high quality !
You are correct with your caution about tapping your rifle , I am a retired machinist with 41 years experience , so it was no trouble for me. I can see how a novice could easily get in trouble doing this !
Great product !
Thank you!

December 27 2014 at 02:12 PM

Carl gardner:

I just installed the saddle ring saftey delete on my 444 marlin it looks great and is well made thanks for a good product it’s well made and was pretty easy to install .i am very happy with both the product and installation instructions

December 29 2014 at 10:12 AM

Jim Hamrac:

Leave it to me to want something just a little different then what you offer. I want to delete my safety with a saddle ring on my 336 but would prefer to have a brass ring. I know you have a fine product asit is and have seen a few installed and customer’s really like them so congratulations on a fine product. Thanks, Jim

November 23 2015 at 06:11 PM

Beartooth Mercantile:

Jim, we just completed a limited run of brass saddle rings for the Marlin. Thanks for the feedback.

November 29 2015 at 08:11 AM

Clyde Peppin:

Thanks for these detailed instructions. I took my safety off last night and reassembled the rifle but the safety was not working right. I read this and found out about the spring and ball. They fell out when I took the safety out. Looked in the carpet and found the spring. Looking for a magnet to look for the itty bitty ball. Sure hope the Stainless Saddle Ring Deletes become available soon.

January 11 2016 at 10:01 AM

Tony Guzin:

I just bought new 1895 stainless guide. Installed saddle ring. Hole was threaded all the way thru from Factory. Easy install, looks great

September 17 2016 at 01:09 PM

Tom Woodby:

Hey folks… Tom Woodby here, I bought a beautiful Marlin 1894 in 44 Mag from you all last fall, very pleased. Hey I have another Marlin rifle that I want to put your safety delete on… my question is this; will the half-cock safety still work on the rifle when your safety delete is installed? Thx…. TW

May 03 2018 at 06:05 AM

Beartooth Mercantile:

Tom, yes when a person removes their crossbolt safety, the half-cock still works like a traditional levergun.

Thanks for the interest.

May 03 2018 at 06:05 AM

Reverend Phelps:

I saw Tony Guzin’s comment and was wondering if Marlin changed the threading on all their 1895 Guide Guns so that the threading goes all the way through? Mine was made in 2016 and I was wondering if I may be all set with no need for modification and tapping new/deeper threads?
Beartooth Mercantile, I was wondering if you could tell me more about your 8-32 set screw and locking pin. Was this being sold as the way to most securely hold the saddle ring safety deletes in place? When are you going to have the stainless steel saddle ring safety deletes back in stock for the 1895 Marlins? Thanks for your help.

September 14 2018 at 07:09 AM

Roland Tichy:

I think you should be able to file off the treads on the end of the set screw enough to reach the safety delete without the need to tap.

September 21 2018 at 07:09 AM

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