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Use the proper slot head style screwdriver specific for working on firearms to avoid damaging the factory hardware.

1. Make certain the rifle is unloaded and point it in a safe direction.
2. Remove the butt stock from the rifle by removing the single stock screw.
3. Use a 5/64” allen (hex key) wrench to remove the factory screw shown:
4. The factory hardware holding the cross-bolt safety in consists of a set screw, spring and steel ball. The factory crossbolt safety will fall out if the hammer is pulled back.
5. Remove the screw cap from the saddle ring safety delete and insert the pin with ring into the left side of the receiver where the safety was removed.
6. Align the indentation in the safety delete with the hole for the factory set screw, spring and steel ball. For the safety delete to be installed correctly, the indent in the pin must be aligned with the set screw hole. Lower the hammer carefully to rest against the firing
pin. The hammer will not go all the way against the firing pin if the safety delete is not installed correctly. Note that some saddle ring safety deletes have a ring that can rotate front and back, while others rotate up and down. It depends on the orientation of the way the stud was constructed. The point is to align the dent on the stud with the hole for the set screw or factory hardware.
7. From the right side of the receiver, insert the screw cap for the safety delete saddle ring pin. Make sure it does not become cross threaded, and snug tighten it with a screwdriver.
8. Reinstall the factory hardware without the spring. If the saddle ring will not be used heavily, the factory screw tightened against the steel ball should hold the part in place securely enough to prevent it from rotating. If you plan on using the saddle ring to attach
a sling or support the rifle in anyway, you will need to tap the hole for the factory hardware with an 8-32 tap. The set screw included with the saddle ring safety delete is intended to be used if the receiver is tapped. The existing factory threads should be 8-32,
but this needs to be verified by you or a gunsmith. In most rifles, the threads for the factory hardware do not go all the way down to the safety delete. They need to be continued in order to put in one solid set screw and secure the saddle ring safety delete
in place. Please do not tap the receiver if you are not comfortable or qualified to do so; severe damage could occur to your rifle's receiver. If necessary, take it to a gunsmith to have the saddle ring installed.
9. After the safety delete with saddle ring is installed, reinstall the buttstock and buttstock screw.
For more detailed explanation of the safety delete installation please read the article I wrote HERE
Saddle ring safety deletes available on the site HERE


Determining whether or not disabling the factory cross-bolt safety is appropriate is the responsibility of the firearm's owner or user. By purchasing this product and installing it you are assuming all responsibility and consequences that may result from altering the factory cross-bolt safety that comes with the firearm. Disabling the factory cross-bolt safety can result in an increased possibility of accidental discharge that could result in injury or worse. Additional caution and special attention should be used when using a firearm with a disabled cross-bolt safety. Always treat a firearm as if it could discharge at any moment to avoid accidents. 

Written by William Kunz — April 23, 2013


Scott Eberth:

Put the saddle ring in my 1894 Marlin Cowboy,perfect fit first time,you guys make a quality product.

October 09 2013 at 11:10 AM

William Kunz:

Thanks Scott, I appreciate the business and your positive feedback!

October 09 2013 at 09:10 PM

Walt Erickson:

Installed the saddle ring in my 1894 22M, (22 mag), excellent instructions, simple installation, quality parts, great personal service and a very fair price. Thanks

November 13 2013 at 01:11 AM

Chris Mallory:

Received the saddle ring delete today, took almost three minutes to install it. Thanks for such a well made, quality product at a more than reasonable price, it makes such a big difference in the looks of the rifle and no more having to remember the factory safety. You’d never know that the saddle ring didn’t come on the rifle from the factory.
Thanks again

November 30 2013 at 04:11 PM


Will this ring/delete be strong enough to hold a sling for the long haul? (Assuming that the more permanent tap/long screw mod is made)

February 11 2014 at 08:02 PM


Thank you for the super fast shipping. The Stainless saddle ring and follower I bought are great. Thanks for having fair prices and not killing your customers on the shipping cost

April 23 2014 at 04:04 AM


I installed my saddle ring safety delete today on my early 90’s 1894cs in 357 and now the little rifle is perfect. I was about 90% in love with it all those years but with that ugly safety gone it’s a 100% keeper now. I’ll be buying more of your products now that I won’t hesitate to buy more Marlins with the safety. Thanks so much for such a fine product!

August 17 2014 at 04:08 AM


I picked up the stainless saddle ring safety delete for my 1895GS. Easy install with the instructions from the website. The rifle look so much better with a saddle ring instead of the lawyer installed safety.

September 17 2014 at 03:09 PM

Bobby Styron:

The instructions seems simple and strait forward .i want to buy one for a 1895 marlin but I ve had no luck getting any feed back from Beartooth can contact me at 817-723-1053.

December 22 2014 at 03:12 PM

Herbert Perdue:

I can only suppose my prior comment did not suit you ! For that I apologize , lt will not happen again.
Thank you,

December 31 2014 at 08:12 PM

Beartooth Mercantile:

No Problem Herbert! I approved both your comments. Thank you very much for the interest and support!

January 01 2015 at 10:01 AM

David Head Adairville,Ky:

The new saddle ring safety delete worked perfect. By the way, the hole in my new 1894 marlin 44 mag was drilled and tap all the way through. Thanks

February 05 2015 at 09:02 AM


Received my saddle ring today took 5 minutes to install. Looks great. Was shipped out fast and at a reasonable rate for international shipping. I would recommend this product to anyone.
Thanks for a great product

February 12 2015 at 10:02 PM

Kamil. Toronto, Ontario :

Thank you for the quality saddle ring with a great price. So easy to install, finished of the cowboy gun look on my 1895 45-70. All I need now is a horse.
Happy shooting and thanks again.

March 26 2015 at 08:03 PM


Parts came in in less than three working days. Easy to install and makes my 1895 Marlin look like an original. Thanks. Will be telling my friends about your great company

July 16 2015 at 11:07 AM

Beartooth Mercantile:

Thanks for the feedback everybody, we appreciate the business and kind words!

July 17 2015 at 09:07 PM

English Guy:

I too found the threaded hole for the grub screw was cut the entire length of the hole and so ditched the ball bearing and used a quarter inch long 8/32 UNC grub screw.

I did have a bit of trouble fitting the slotted cheese head nut though – it was super tight – as in needed drifting in with a leather mallet tight. I removed the witness marks on the nut with some medium grade carbide paper and repeated until it was a nice fit. Finished off with fine carbide paper and touched up the outside with a Birchwood Casey blueing pen. Looks great now.

November 22 2015 at 05:11 PM

Dave Morris:

will it work in the Rossi rio Grand 4570

December 25 2015 at 08:12 PM

Beartooth Mercantile:


Sorry, but it will not work on the Rossi Rio Grande. Thank you for the interest.

December 26 2015 at 07:12 PM


What safety delete do I need for a Marlin 444

January 14 2016 at 09:01 AM

Beartooth Mercantile:


Both the “saddle ring safety delete” and basic safety delete will fit a .444 Marlin. The safety deletes we make fit the large centerfire Marlin lever actions which includes the 1895’s, 336’s, and 1894’s.

Thanks for the interest

January 15 2016 at 07:01 AM


I have a Marlin 336, 30-30. I am also left handed.
Q: Will the saddle ring/safety delete work on the 336 ?
Q: Can it be installed with the ring on the right side (for lefties) ?

May 26 2016 at 01:05 PM

Beartooth Mercantile:


Yes, the saddle ring works on the Marlin 336, but it cannot be installed so the ring is on the right side. The ring only works on the left side. Thank you for the interest.

May 28 2016 at 09:05 AM

Lou Kazimer:

I just install my second saddle ring on my Marlin 336CB, it’s perfect and looks as good as the one on my 1895 Cowboy. Thank you for a great product.

October 25 2016 at 12:10 PM

Alfred Fisher:

I appreciate the quality of the d ring safety delete. I installed it on my Marlin 1895 chambered in 45-70. The only concern I have is that after the install there is slack in the trigger. I am not sure why this is. I hope that I might get some insight from posting this. Thank you.

October 27 2016 at 09:10 PM

Beartooth Mercantile:


It does not seem likely that by only removing your crossbolt safety and installing the saddle ring that you could have impacted the performance of your trigger. Is there any possibility that something else was altered while working on your rifle? Let us know if we can help in any other way.

Thanks for the support and feed back

October 28 2016 at 11:10 AM

Keith Speegle:

I installed the lawyer killer on my Marlin 336 and found the threads were not tapped all the way. I purchased the right size tap (8/32) and using 3 in 1 oil I slowly worked it down. Much patience is needed here, the tap was twisted when I was done and if I had not experience with cleaning up threads I might have forced it and snapped the tap which would have been heart breaking. If you have no experience working with taps & dies I would recommend using a gun smith. After cleaning up the threads I installed the ring. I also put the old screw behind the new grub screw to act as a lock. Now my Marlin looks as God intended it! Now lets talk about that skinny loop…….. :-)

October 28 2016 at 02:10 PM

John Fink:

I just put this on my Marlin 1895. I was surprised at how easy it was. And it looks a million times better now.

January 21 2017 at 03:01 PM

John F Creed:

I have a Marlin 30 30 and I want to order a saddle ring. Where is your order form?

February 09 2017 at 08:02 AM

Beartooth Mercantile:


Scroll up to the top of this page and click on “home” or look at the product categories in the right hand column. You can order direct from this website.

Thank you.

February 09 2017 at 09:02 AM

Tommy Johnson:

Bought the Marlin 1895G safety replace saddle ring last year and it fits and looks like it came that way from the factory . Good machine work people . Price is a quite stiff but the product is great .

March 02 2017 at 07:03 AM

Mike Roth:

Great product, great idea! Went in like a charm! I’ll be ordering another for my 45/70. Have two other Marlins but older, they don’t have the appeasement safety! Thanks for a great product!

March 07 2017 at 11:03 AM

Dave Michaels:

I have passed on buying many beautiful Marlin’s, because of the dog ugly side safeties they wear on their sides. Thanks to seeing your product, I will start buying these and your saddle ring conversions! Great idea!!!!

October 01 2017 at 05:10 PM

David Mathews:

Ordered the saddle ring safety delete and got it quickly. Great product. Easy to install and looks OEM. Love it.

October 19 2017 at 03:10 PM


When the product was out of stock, I was told I would be contacted when more were available. True to their word, I was contacted and the product was in the mail the same day it was ordered. Great customer service, great product. I’ll be doing business here again.

October 23 2017 at 07:10 PM

wayne bast:

I have ordered a stainless basic safety delete from you but you were out of the blue ones. Could you let me know when the basic blue safety deletes are back in stock I would like to buy 3 of them.
Wayne Bast

December 22 2017 at 09:12 AM

Denny Dickerson:

Recieved my item Saddle Ring for my 9422 Mag. Thanks a lot nice ding Bussness with you all.

December 30 2017 at 03:12 PM


I installed the saddle ring on my .357 1894 carbine today. It fits amazingly well and was easy to install. I have re-done the finish on my stock, and on the metal of the rifle, so it looks straight up like a 100 year old gun. I had to remove some of the blueing from the saddle ring so it matches my receiver. It looks GREAT. I took a bit of saddle string leather and ran it through the ring with a bleeding heart know. Looks so dang nice. Thanks for this product, y’all.

January 26 2018 at 09:01 PM

Thomas Macintosh:

The set screw provided in the kit bottomed in the threads before reaching the saddle ring. I used the ball and old set screw with the point to secure the saddle ring and left out the spring. Seems very solid. I also used blue Loctite to prevent the set screw from loosening. I had heard that the machining on Marlins can vary a bit, so I think that’s why the threads on mine don’t go deep enough. Great product. Thanks!

September 19 2018 at 07:09 PM


Just bought a Marlin 1895 45-70 trapper TSBL. Great rifle and my first Marlin. Ordered a stainless saddle ring and got it 4 days later. Read the online instructions and had one question. Since the models vary I wanted to be sure if I needed to use the spring or not. Called Beartooth and they returned the call the next day. They said do not use the spring and do use the original set screw. I noticed that Marlin had used Loctite on the original set screw so it was a little tight coming out. I returned the ball and then gently repositioned the set screw. Before I tightened it I positioned the ball in the position on the ring shaft and slowly dropped the hammer to see if it contacted the firing pin. Everything was smooth so I finished the set screw. Put the end cap in the other side of the ring shaft last. The total job took 10 minutes. You know you got it right if the hammer connects with the firing pin. Great high quality product and the gun looks great. Didn’t want the cross bolt safety anyway. Many thanks to Beartooth Merchantile. Fantastic company.

November 10 2018 at 02:11 PM

Tony Bryant:

Three minutes to install and looks awesome thank you Beartooth Mercantile

December 19 2018 at 05:12 PM

Beartooth Mercantile:

Thanks everyone for all the great feedback! Glad we could help!

December 19 2018 at 05:12 PM

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